Career Path

Being accompanied

Individualised monitoring that comprises onboarding, a welcome seminar and each new recruit being assigned a mentor to ensure they settle into the company successfully.

Developing skills

Each employee is in charge of their own training and is co-responsible for their professionalism and development.

A successful professional project

By promoting internal mobility and opportunities for development, the company takes in account existing talents and develops them. Career paths can be developed within Ceetrus, abroad and also within Groupe Auchan.

Join a diverse range of profiles

Ceetrus includes a variety of profiles that have passion for retail in common

Caroline HELART, 34, D.O.S.
Nord region

Since starting in the company as part of a work placement, I’ve had hands-on experience. I have been with the company for almost 12 years and have had the opportunity to be part of its development. We have created connections between the different departments and have promoted working in project mode. I have learned a great deal from my very diverse missions, no two days are alike!

Benjamin DROUIN, 36, Commercial Manager Ceetrus
Midi-Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region

Having participated in the creation of the Marketing department in the Greater Lille area, I became the Mall Manager in Strasbourg. Very quickly, the company gave me responsibility. I am currently finding fulfilment in my managerial role in Avignon. My geographic mobility has been a huge advantage for my career advancement. What I like is that teams take responsibility and the trust placed in each person.

Ceetrus aims to foster the personal and professional fulfilment of each employee, by combining professional demands and developing personal qualities and doing so in accordance with the company’s values.