Ceetrus Foundation


Created in 2010 by Ceetrus France, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the foundation aims to make a lasting contribution to the development of social entrepreneurship.


It supports social enterprises “eligible for corporate sponsorship according to the criteria of the Fondation de France”. It helps social entrepreneurs or their support networks, in all the development issues that they may encounter at an important turning point in the life of the company: start-up, change of scale, diversification, spin-off … It operates in mainland France, in the areas where Ceetrus is established, serving the common interest of residents near its sites. It thus contributes to the emergence of new services and activities that meet the essential needs of citizens and territories. Favoring contact and meeting people, each project supported is sponsored by an employee, whose role is to understand and support the social entrepreneur in his request, possibly to put him in touch with other expertise in the field. company, and to follow the implementation of its project. Skills sponsorship is encouraged whenever requested and possible.