28 May 2020

In the context of the current health crisis, the majority of shops in our Aushopping shopping centres have closed for several weeks. Since May 11th, their reopening has been gradual. To support the resumption of activities of our partner brands Ceetrus, in partnership with Melting-Point, is innovating and launching its new shared drive service: Aushopping Drive.


The principle of Aushopping Drive is simple: customers select their purchases, order and pay by phone or on the site of the store of their choice. They select the “Aushopping Drive” withdrawal mode. They then receive a confirmation text message inviting them to select the day and time of their withdrawal. On D-Day, a text message tells them where to meet to pick up their global order, a phone number to call once they get there and a personal pick-up code. Once parked, shopping center customers see their purchases loaded directly into the trunk of their car!  

This system completes the measures put in place to guarantee customers the possibility of making their purchases without contact, in complete safety.

A list of participating stores is available on the Auhopping shopping centres’ website directly:


This new service is a real test for Ceetrus, a solution developed for merchants and customers, designed and deployed in less than 15 days. The Aushopping Saisons shopping centre in Meaux was the first to test it on 18 May. Since 22 May, the service has been deployed at other sites: Noyelles-Godault, Englos, Plaisir, Bordeaux, and Avignon. By the end of June, the majority of Aushopping shopping centers should be equipped with it. As a support system for commercial activities, Aushopping Drive relies entirely on the voluntary efforts of our commercial partners.


“Our teams are 3,000% mobilized! In compliance with the health regulations that we are physically implementing in all our shopping centres, this new Aushopping drive service is an additional help for our retailers and customers. The idea is to enable voluntary shopkeepers to combine activity in their point of sale with drive activity and thus meet the needs of even the most fragile customers or those who do not wish to visit shopping centres at the moment”. Caroline Hélart, Director of Operations at Ceetrus France