Ceetrus supports the solidarity mechanism for women victims of violence

14 April 2020

Active solidarity as close as possible to vulnerable populations

In this exceptional period of confinement likely to increase tensions within families, Ceetrus France is committed alongside the State Secretariat in charge of equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, by dedicating 15 reception and support spaces in its local shopping centers serving local associations and State services.

Of these 15 locations offered by Ceetrus, 5 spaces have already opened at the beginning of April, conducive to recreating this essential bond of trust and security for women, in agreement with the Ministry, respecting the confidentiality and the essential barrier measures:


Since then, several new spaces have opened among the 10 site under study  in accordance with the specifications of the Secretary of State (accessibility, confidentiality, space and barrier gestures). 


 These initiatives effectively contribute to better access for women to their rights, as close as possible to their daily journeys in compliance with confinement instructions. This solidarity device is part of a more general aid system for associations and local initiatives deployed by all of our centers.

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