Creation of NHOOD, mixed-used real estate developer

13 April 2021

Nhood: a mixed use real estate operator with a triple positive impact (people-planet-profit)

Nhood is a new mixed real estate operator created to help property asset owners animate, regenerate and transform sites into new living places for living better together.

At Nhood, we are the men and women, the areas of expertise and the experience of the Ceetrus and Nodi companies, recognised for years as key real estate and retail players. We’re an agile team of 1,029 specialists who rely on each of their areas of expertise to design and carry out projects down to the slightest details. Operating in 10 countries, we offer our clients a global approach that takes account of local specificities. We commit to a long-term responsibility to make all the neighbourhoods where we are located lively, appealing, connected and human-focused. Because tomorrow we will remain the first residents of these new neighbourhoods, we put our know-how at the service of cutting-edge projects with positive impacts for the city, the planet and those who live there.

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