Signature of the convention for the creation of the CEETRUS-ESSEC Chair

10 July 2018

On Friday, June 29th, 2018, Ceetrus and ESSEC signed the partnership agreement formalizing the creation of a new ESSEC-CEETRUS Chair in Urban Planning and Commercial Real Estate. Based on the name of its two founding companies, this chair will be associated with ESSEC’s Chair in Urban Economics, created in 1986. Its goal will be to train professionals specializing in problems and problems related to territorial policies, as long as management of public affairs in the broad sense of the term.

An innovation and expertise approach at the forefront of commercial real estate

On June 5th, Immochan became Ceetrus. Symbol of the transformation begun two years ago by the company, this new name embodies its evolution from commercial real estate to mixed real estate agent. “With the citizens, for the citizens”, Ceetrus is part of a process of dialogue with the territories to create balanced, living and positive impact living spaces. By becoming a founding member of the ESSEC-CEETRUS Chair in Urban Planning and Commercial Real Estate, Ceetrus is part of this dynamic.

The main objective of a chair is to supplement the existing knowledge, and complete the experience by experts. It also aims to develop research. The chairs thus make it possible to combine research activities at the highest level of excellence and dissemination to students.

Becoming a founding member of the Chair of Urban Planning and Commercial Real Estate, Ceetrus can contribute to a dual culture of public and private management to the lessons delivered by ESSEC, with the contribution of the practice and the expertise of an operator has been operating in 12 countries around the world for more than 40 years.