What is a cookie?

Cookies are used by a large number of websites, essentially to improve your user experience. A cookie is a piece of information placed on your hard drive by the server of the site you are visiting. Sometimes this information is stored on your terminal in a simple text file that a server accesses to read and record certain information.

A website can only re-read and write the cookies that belong to it.

Why we use cookies

When you browse our website, cookies are used to “recognise” your browser for the duration of your visit (“session cookie”) or for return visits (“persistent cookie”).

Cookies may have multiple roles, and are used on our website:
  • for technical purposes (session identification, storing your preferences, storing your basket, etc.), for example, to adapt the site’s layout to your device configuration;
  • for statistical and traffic management analysis purposes. These analyses allow us, for example, to improve the site’s ergonomics and the relevance of our services;
  • to propose products or services that may match your interests on our site or on third-party sites.

Third-party cookies

Depending on the choices that you may have made concerning cookies (§ Your choices concerning the use of cookies), cookies are sent/read by third parties (advertising providers, communication agencies, audience measurement firms, etc.) when you browse our site.

For the duration of their validity, the cookies allow these companies to determine – and subsequently send to you – the advertising content that is likely to match your interests, thanks to the knowledge acquired on how you browse our site.

The use of cookies by these companies is governed by their own privacy policies.

Social networks

To allow you to share content or express your opinion on our products or services, our site may include certain elements (buttons, plug-ins, etc.) linked to social networks.

These elements allow social networks to track your navigation, provided you are connected to the corresponding social media platform on your browser (even without using a “Share” button, for example).

The conditions governing the use of information related to these elements are defined by the social network of which you are a member; we have no control over the actions performed. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to find out how the data gathered as a result of your browsing is used, and how to set up the confidentiality of your accounts.

Flash© cookies

Adobe Flash Player™ is a widespread solution used to create interactive media content. It too uses small files to store information, however the technology deployed differs from that used with cookies. Your choices concerning Flash confidentiality must thus be managed separately.

You can manage the Flash content associated with your navigation via the Adobe Flash Player manager:

If your device is used by several people

Since cookies are linked to the device and browser used, we cannot ensure with complete certainty the identity of the person browsing on this device. Consequently, the services and advertisements proposed on this device may only correspond in part to your use (since the navigation/preferences of the device’s other users may also be taken into account).

Your device’s confidentiality is the result of your choices in terms of both its use (the people with access to it) and its setup (notably concerning cookies).

Your choices concerning the use of cookies

A number of options for managing cookies are available at all times. They are specified below.

The settings that you are likely to define may have an impact on your Internet browsing and on the operation of certain services that require the use of cookies. In this respect, we disclaim all liability for the consequences of degraded operation of our services as a result of any inability to save or read a cookie on your device.

PC browser

In your browser’s settings, you can manage cookies at any time in order to accept or refuse their use, either globally or more precisely.

Since settings are specific to each browser, please use the link corresponding to your browser to learn more:

  • Managing cookies with Google Chrome

  • Managing cookies with Internet Explorer

  • Managing cookies with Mozilla Firefox

  • Managing cookies with Safari

For other devices (smartphones, tablets and connected objects), please refer to your browser’s Help menu.

Interprofessional platforms

Some so-called interprofessional platforms allow you to manage cookies online. These include the YourOnlineChoices site, which is proposed by many digital advertising professionals grouped under the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

You can choose to enable or disable the use of cookies for the companies listed on this platform in order to receive advertisements corresponding to your areas of interest:

This action does not prevent the display of ads on the sites you visit; it is intended to prevent (for the companies listed) the collection and use of data with a view to displaying ads that match your interests.

Additional Information on cookies

For additional information on cookies (in France), you can visit the website of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés National (CNIL):